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We understand and appreciate the risks our agricultural clients assume--weather, commodity pricing, the impact of government policies, and income and social security taxes.  These are factors that are entirely beyond our clients' control but have a huge impact on their livelihood.

We also know that farming, ranching and timber is much more than a means of livelihood--it is a way of life.  Preserving that way of life as a viable option for younger generations is something that our clients tell us is important to them.  For many of our clients, land represents a legacy that has been carefully assembled and nurtured over several generations.  We have developed strategies that empower clients to preserve this valuable legacy and protect it from divorce, frivolous lawsuits as well as the inexperience and lack of skill of younger heirs.  With the proper structures in place, land can be well protected and provide a solid foundation of financial security for future generations.

While we do not practice agricultural law, we work closely with our colleagues in the agricultural law community to make certain the planning we implement is fully coordinated with the structures that maximize farm program payments and other program benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

We know that not every family member will choose agriculture as a career.  The unique challenge our agriculture clients face is the desire to put planning in place that is fair to the family members who are active in the agricultural business and fair to those who choose other careers.  We understand the dilemma and have successfully implemented a variety of strategies that have helped our clients resolve this challenge in a satisfying and understandable way.
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